PC Woo & Co Law Group: Our Practices


P. C. Woo & Co. combines the skills and expertise of our intellectual property lawyers with those of our commercial and litigation lawyers, allowing us to offer a comprehensive intellectual property service.
We assist our clients in identifying the extent of their intellectual property rights and registering their ownership. When their intellectual property rights are threatened, we enforce and defend their ownership, maintain watch for breaches and advise on litigation action.

We work with our clients to maximize and enforce their valuable intellectual property rights, and our ability to provide seamless advice on the creation, commercialization, management, protection and enforcement of our clients’ intellectual property rights sets us apart from our competitors.

We advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property and offer services both in Hong Kong and on an international basis in the following service areas:

Patents and Designs
Trade Marks
Intellectual Property Enforcement
Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Management


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