Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Legislation

Current anti-fraud legislation

At-a-glance summary of fraud bills that are enacted, pending or dead during the current legislative session. Updated weekly while legislatures are in session.

Fraud bills enacted during the current session

A summary of legislation that have been approved by state legislatures during the current legislation session.

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Updated every Friday and written by a top legislative analyst.

Model Insurance Fraud Act

Comprehensive model law for states. Defines fraud — including attempted fraud. Also includes penalties, restitution, civil remedies, civil immunity for reporting fraud, and regulatory requirements for insurers. Fifteen states have adopted it wholly or partly. Model reflects input from insurers, consumers, regulators and law enforcement.

Model Fraud Bureau Act

Gives states a complete tool to create an insurance fraud bureau. Defines terms, levels of authority, immunity for investigators and referral of cases to prosecution. Also explains the rationale for the provisions, how to fund a fraud bureau and prosecution, and explores civil fining authority.

Model Act — Automobile Pre-Insurance Inspection

Requires insurers to inspect autos before covering them to prevent insuring of “phantom” vehicles, or vehicles with existing damage. Includes exclusions for vehicles least-vulnerable to fraud. Eight pages.

Model Anti-Runners Bill

This model state legislation provides for specific definitions and penalties for recruiting people to participate in fraudulent schemes. Also specifically criminalizes the hiring of runners.

Policy position on state prescription monitoring systems

Board of Directors resolution backing the creating of prescription monitoring programs to deter and detect drug diversion.

State Fraud Laws at a Glance (coming soon)

Chart shows key provisions of each state’s fraud laws. Includes regulatory requirements, immunity laws, whether fraud is a specific crime, and whether it’s a felony. Updated quarterly.


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